How to banish bronchitis this spring

Definition of Bronchitis

The puffiness and irritation in the bronchial tubes which is also called bronchi is known as bronchitis.

In the occurrence of the puffiness the bronchi becomes aggravated and septic and once it becomes septic – you have a major problem. Affected individuals find it hard to get enough air into their lungs. Their airways become a home to sputum and mucous, which then typically leads to the severe cough most commonly associated with Bronchitis. This ailment can present as recurrent and intense.

People that can contract bronchitis

Just like the cold or flu virus, few individuals are resistant to bronchitis unfortunately. Also, similarly to the FLU virus, we find that smokers are at particular risk from contracting the bug. This list also includes people with impaired resistance systems, newly born babies, and the elderly are also likely more prone to develop this ailment. Individuals working in the factory area with the possibility of being open to exhausts from chemicals that can contain chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, acids or ammonia also may contract bronchitis more readily. Burning of tree, car exhaust etc. are also agents that can lead to bronchitis.

Recurrent Bronchitis

This particular type of bronchitis is particularly stubborn and lasts longer than normal because of its high level of recurrence. It presents with cough that contains large amounts of mucous. It is a relentless ailment even without the alternative causative agents like influenza or cold. Recurrent bronchitis can appear in different forms in which most are acted upon by conditions like the weather and seasonal changes.

Treatment of Bronchitis

Your physician may prescribe numerous types of bronchitis alleviation treatment to you. The use of antibiotics is usually employed in fighting the underlying bacteria. Nevertheless, antibiotics cannot combat the virus infection itself. Drugs used in treating coughs can also be taken for alleviating the pain associated with bronchitis, but they won't actually get rid of the problem. Anti-inflammatory medications, bronchodilators and mucolytics steroids are functional in clearing the air passage of the patients which can then assist in your body fighting the infection.

As with most infectious germs and bacteria, prevention is the more advisable route to take. Atmospheric cleansers in your home will help trap pollutants before they can find a way into your body and make you sick.

Studies have proven that alleviation of bronchitis can be made possible by making use of atmospheric cleansers otherwise know as air purifiers in your home or place of work.

Air purifiers can have many positive effects on the quality of the air indoors. Many believe they are only beneficial to those that suffer from seasonal allergies, but in actual fact these devices don't pick and choose which impurities they remove from the air – they remove them all. That means that not only dust and pollen are killed off but even bacteria and germs...therefore leading to a significant defense against colds, flu and even the dreaded bronchitis bug.

Some air purifiers go above and beyond. The machines made by IQ AIR are of such high quality that many hospitals use them to combat super bugs now. Due to the increased risk of these super bugs creating epidemics, hospitals are doing everything in their power to keep them away from their patients who's immune systems are already depleted  and under heavy strain.

Most air purifiers are capable of trapping over 98% of harmful airborne particles, including dangerous microbes or germs. However this is only possible if you buy one that uses genuine HEPA filters, which are widly regarded as the best filters on the market as they have a recorded efficiency rate of 99.97%. Be advised to carefully check whether the machine you're interested in has a genuine HEPA filter and not 'HEPA like' or 'HEPA style' as these are just cunning ploys to get you to pay for inferior filtration devices.

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