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Georgia divorce requirements



To begin the topic let us realize what precisely a divorce is. Divorce is a legal termination of the marriage by the court system. In Georgia, there are lots of types of separation available right now, and right here, however, the most well-spread ones are a Contested and an Uncontested Divorces. They are rather dull at the same time, although having several peculiarities. These and other divorce items we are going to discuss later, so remain interested and let’s go on together!


In Georgia, you should first pay attention to the residency requirements. As a rule, several elements are rather easy to follow; however, some of them are not so easy to get. Firstly, you need to be at least a resident of Georgia for 6 months to get a divorce. You or your spouse should live for some time here to terminate the current legal marriage, so if you have just come to the state, you can hardly be a candidate for the divorce process. You should also file for divorce precisely in that county you were married, so if you decide to register with the court in another county, you will need thousands of various documents and papers approving your actions, so that it is not convenient at all! There are also several inconveniences if the divorce requirements in Georgia, so to be sure you know everything you need, it is an excellent decision to check all the necessary information before the divorce process itself. Well, sometimes couples neglect residency requirements, that prolongs their divorce process and makes it much more complicated!


We promised to explain to you the difference between a Contested and Uncontested divorces famous in Georgia. A contested divorce is a proceeding when you do not find a common language with your spouse; furthermore, you are continually arguing about child custody issues, property division items, etc. This type of divorce is much longer because in case you have this type of separation, you will have to hire an attorney for your process, attend several divorce mediations, etc. The more you are involved in this topic, the better it is for you to be aware of every single issue if the legal divorce process. A Contested divorce can last more than one year if the process is rather severe, it can have several cooling-off periods and other issues like that. Separation is a namely stressful event, so a Contested divorce is the most challenging event we can even imagine! Well, let’s dig into the Uncontested divorce. Firstly, it is a more affordable and less stressful event. Therefore you do not need the attorney to be hired.


Moreover, you can prepare all the papers for the divorce case by yourself for almost free. Their lots of online services helping Georgian couples to make forms and documents for a divorce proceeding rather cheap, so if you remember about your financial situation, nothing prevents you from dealing with the online divorce. In Georgia, if you want you can organize a legal separation, it is almost the same as the divorce with only one exception-you live with your spouse separately without the legal decree of the marriage termination. Both spouses are not allowed to live with somebody else until they terminate their marriage officially, child custody is present, the property is not shared with a complicated process, so everybody is happy. However, you should bear in mind that the court will allow you to get a legal separation only for one year, so if you are willing more time, you need to ask the permission of the court that is not always available!


In the whole USA as well as in Georgia, there are several reasons to get a legal divorce without legal separation, here they are:


  • You can see cohabitation with anybody you want with no restrictions
  • You can not be afraid of the future marriage termination that you are not prepared
  • You let go your spouse you are not interested in, and you are ready for the next partner who will be better
  • Your children will not endure several separations of their parents, for them, it will be enough to see the first divorce.


For sure a legal separation costs less; however, it is not a guarantee that you will live happily and do not think about future divorce challenges. A divorce will bring you a sort of the calmness, somewhat feeling of being ready to live further without returning to the start!

To sum it up, we have to admit that legal separation, as well as a divorce proceeding, are time and money-consuming deals, however, it is also a beginning of a new happy life that will please you to live independently and without any nerves. Appreciate your time and never lose it for anything! Georgia will support any decision of yours, so be sure that you are not alone!

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