California Camp Fire Triggers Frenzy Amongst Personal Injury Lawyers

On November 8th, 2018 at 6:30 AM a small fire ignited around some power lines in Butte County. The first people to notice it were workers for PG&E who called the fire in. By the time the firefighters arrived they knew that this small fire was about to turn everything around them into a swirling inferno. Vicious winds rampantly spread the blazing fire.

There was no way to contain the fire so first responders had to focus on evacuating and saving lives. But they weren’t fast enough, there was too much to do, in too little time and the fire become exponentially aggressive. Evacuation plans fell apart and the flames continued to grow.

The destruction was historic.

Fast forward 2 weeks and the aftermath is shocking. Over 800 missing people. Over 80 people confirmed dead. Over 18,000 buildings incinerated. And lastly, 153,000 acres of land destroyed.

To put it into perspective, the fire pretty much wiped out the town of Paradise. All of this chaos begs the question, who was at fault? Was there anyone to blame? Was it global warming? Was it something else?

The Camp Fire Evidence

The “Camp Fire” has triggered a frenzy amongst California personal injury lawyers as an overwhelming amount of evidence is surfacing pointing to PG&E, California’s largest utility company, as the culprit.

The shocking evidence starts with a series of customers e-mailing about sparking transmission lines. It then escalates to witnesses reporting that the initial fire started on PG&Es transmission lines. Then to top it off, an electric safety incident report revealed that the transmission line was experiencing erratic behavior.

As if though this weren’t enough, there’s another piece of unbelievable evidence. PG&E managers receive bonuses based on the lack of customer complaints rather than on smooth operations. While most utility companies would shut off power in the event of an emergency that would require such actions, PG&E did not.

They left the power running through their lines which many believe helped the fire spread even faster than it was supposed to. This blatant negligence combined with all of the evidence is why California lawyers are going crazy.

What Will Happen to PG&E

PG&E faces a historic lawsuit in the face of their historic catastrophe. Personal injury lawyers are mounting assaults on all fronts in conjunction with insurance companies. The lawsuits range from property damage, personal injury, wrongful death, and more, culminating in a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Pacific Gas & Electric’s value has already precipitously dropped in the wake of the legal aftermath with the company considering filing bankruptcy in an effort to bide their time.

What Should You Do if You Were a Victim

If you or someone you know has suffered from a California wildfire then your best bet is to contact a lawyer, even if you don’t have insurance. Most lawyers, like the ones at Wagner and Jones in Fresno Ca, are not charging fees unless they can win your case.

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