Addiction Hotline

What is the addiction hotline?

The Addiction Hotline is a dedicated service with a toll-free number for the individuals who have questions about substance abuse, and addiction related issues. If you struggle with addiction, or if your loved one demonstrates any signs of drug abuse, you can call the addiction hotline for immediate attention. Your questions may include any concerns from:
  1. how to approach a possible addiction issue with your loved one;
  2. questions about your own drug use, signs and symptoms;
  3. understanding addiction and addiction behavior;
  4. staging an intervention (with the help of a medical professional);
  5. finding an appropriate treatment facility, based on the patients individual needs;
  6. finding the support for the family, dealing with addicted loved one;

Are Addiction Hotlines Safe?

If you are interested in calling the experts at the Addiction Hotline, and are concern
"if the addiction hotline is safe", then look no further. We have the answers for you. The goal of the Addiction Hotline is to provide a professional help for the individuals with substance abuse problems, or the family  calling to inquire about their loved ones  with possible addiction, or substance abuse issues.  When you call the addiction hotline you will speak with a certified addiction counselor, who will ask an array of addiction related  questions, in order to determine the kind of help you need. The calls are confidential, and the issues are handled in the professional and non-judgmental manner.

Is the Addiction Hotline always open?

The addiction hotline is the type of service, that is available 24 hours per day. Unfortunately, the emergencies and substance abuse issues do not happen  nine to five; an individual seeking help should be able to call any time of the day, when ready to receive help.  A professional counselor will have the information for you about the type of addiction you or your loved one may have, and the steps that should be taken to get the patient to the treatment facility in your area, that specializes in a particular addiction problem you may have.  Effective drug abuse treatment may include behavioral therapy, medications, or the combinations of both.  No single treatment is right for everyone. The best treatment addresses person's individual needs, not just the drug abuse.  The treatment facility, that a counselor on the phone refers you to, will be able to match the patient with a particular setting, programs and services, based on the individual's unique problems.  

Does the Addiction Hotline have experts on their staff?

The expert stuff members are trained to identify the initial signs and concerns, related to drug addiction, and better understand the needs of the patient before referring them to the right treatment center.  Once you are at the recovery center, a medical professional will determine the treatment plan option,  based on these important factors, such as:  age, gender, ethnicity, culture, the severity of addiction, and previous attempt to stop drug abuse- may be influential factors in the treatment approach.

Where can I find the Addiction hotline?

The addiction hotline information and a toll-free number are located on this page for your convenience. You can call the 800 number any time of the day, regardless of where you are in your addiction or substance abuse struggle.  There is no problem, that is too severe or impossible to handle.  All  you need is the desire to get help, and the commitment to receive a substance abuse treatment.

For more information contact American Addiction Centers.

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