5 Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

If you are an avid traveler but has a dog at home, it can be quite challenging. You would either have to leave your dogs at a doggy daycare and spend a huge amount for it, or bring them along with you. Bringing your dogs with you would require advanced planning.

Here are some easy hacks to make life easy for you if you would like to bring your dog with you on your travels. Whether you are traveling by car or by plane, follow these tips to make it a smooth travel for your dog.

1. Bring Enough Food And Water
Make sure there is enough food and water at hand for them. Don’t forget to bring water and food bowls. If you are bringing them via cargo, tape their food and water bowl to the inside of the carrier and label them appropriately.

2. Plan Your Travel Ahead
It is always important to organize your plans before traveling. It’s even more important when you are traveling with a dog. If you are traveling by plane, determine if you are going to check in your pet or bring them on board with you. Make sure that the airline company is notified so call them weeks before your flight. Some airlines will not allow certain breeds like short-nosed dogs because of their difficulty in breathing. Some countries also require your pets to be micro-chipped and may have a list of requirements before bringing your pet in. We recommend to check the airline's policy.

3. Make Sure Your Dog Has Its Shots
Some airline companies and immigration would also require proof of vaccinations and health certifications of your dog. Make sure that before traveling, your dog has all the required and up-to-date rabies shots and vaccines. This should be done at least a month before your travel date.

4. Check If The Your Place Of Lodging Would Allow Pets
Some hotels and lodging may not allow pets in the premises. Always call ahead and check with them beforehand. If they do not allow, opt for other places that will.

5. Don’t Forget Your Dog Carrier
When you’re traveling by plane, make sure to get a carrier before your flight. Make sure that the carrier is airline-approved. And most importantly, make sure that your dog can fit comfortable inside the carrier. Make sure that your dog wears a comfortable collar and has the proper identification tags. Dog handlers recommend a martingale or greyhound collar because it offers more control over the canine and prevents your dog from slipping out of his collar.

Traveling with a pet can be a fun and exiting experience for both of you. Just remember to be as prepared as possible. Don’t forget to make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise. A balanced pet makes the best travel companion.

Have a Safe and Happy Travel!

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