5 Things You Need to Know About Facial Masks

Facial masks are very popular home care treatment for skin. It is very simple and effective method that can be used by everybody and for every type of skins including the oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, etc. So, before you start facial masks at home you should first know the following:

1. Over use of face mask is very bad:

Most of the people have a very wrong conception that if they use face mask daily they will look bright. In fact, too much use of face masks is very bad, and it should be used only once or twice in a week. Though the main function of face mask is to regulate oil on the skin but if you use it very frequently your skin will become dry. Then your skin will blemish and breakout further.

2. Check the expiry date:

Facial masks are very popular especially among the girls. But when you go to market for buying facial masks, make sure that you have checked its expiry date and it is not beyond the expiry date. Generally, face masks expire after 18 months of its manufacture date.

So, if only the manufacturing date is mentioned on the cover of facial masks, calculate its expiry date before buying it. Because if you apply expired face masks it may not be effective as well as it may cause harm to your skin.

3. Stick to one face masks option that suits you:

Face masks are available in many varieties. Two popular variety of face masks are clay masks and gel masks. Some people use clay masks which is generally used to treat acne and some people like gel masks which is very useful for blackheads. The most important thing is that you should stick to one type of facial masks and if you feel allergic or any kind of adverse effect after using it, stop the facial masks immediately and consult a doctor without wasting your time.

4. Check with a dermatologist:

Homemade facial masks are a very popular way of treatment for skin. People generally use homemade face masks without consulting any specialist. But it is always advisable to check with a good dermatologist and ask which type of facial masks will suit your skin and which one your skin actually needs. Then go for that particular facial mask for better results. This will save you from any harmful effect on your skin.

5. Applying face masks after having bath:

Most of the people apply facial masks before taking bath. But in fact, it should be used after taking shower. There is a proven logic behind it. If you use warm water while taking bath, the hot shower will open up the pores.

When the pores of your skin will open, and you apply facial masks on the opened pores it will help you to remove the entire gunk that are there in the pores while you clean your face. Your skin will also absorb the nutrients from the facial mask if you apply if after taking shower. One should use facial masks wisely.

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