5 Common Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Some people think that luxury cars are meant only for rich people, but this assumption is entirely wrong. You can see the best of Toronto city in a luxurious car without any problem If you know about a few things before hiring a car.  In this post, Toronto car rental has brought forth 5 mainstream mistakes you should avoid while hiring the cars. Knowing these mistakes will not only enhance your driving experience but also give you some unforgettable moments in the city to enjoy.

1. Not Checking the Total Price on Car Rental

You have landed on the airport and are looking for hiring a car to enjoy your holidays here. However, it is a good step to hire a car, it is also a hassling process as you have to be involved in paperwork and price. Even if several companies claim that the price of the car is “inclusive”, there are several items or services that may not be included in it. Also, the cheapest car rental is not always best as it has some additional costs, such as child seat, driver fees under a certain age, additional driver or distance parameter. So, it is wise to talk with the car rental company or search online for getting comfortable services with no or minimal documentation.

2. Not Properly Writing or Filling in a Car Rental Damage Check Sheet

It is very important to fill in the car rental damage sheet before picking up a car. You should have all details of car damage, if any, in writing before you drive it. You should also do this while you return the car to ensure that no damage occurred while you were driving it in order to avoid paying extra for damage. Many rental companies over a checklist or a diagram of the car exterior damage when you hire the car. If not, you can also make a list of your own and take sign from any of car rental officials.

3. Not Paying Attention to the Contract

You should read the contract carefully in order to understand your rights and obligations. Before signing the contract form, you must read it properly and ask if you don’t understand anything in the contract form. Avoid signing the contract form, if you have any doubts.  Get clarification of all your doubts. You should check the insurance policy, what should be included in the car total price, driver policy, fuel policy, break down policy, return policy and cancellation policy.

4. Not Using Discount and Coupon Codes

If you are hiring a car online, you should look for the possible discounts or coupon codes that you can use. You can check the discount booking tool to know the rent of your car. Car rental companies offer great deals online to use when booking a rental. Some credit cards and banks also give their members special discounts on car rentals. With the coupon codes or discounts, you can save up to 25 percent or more on the car rental fee.

5.  Not Returning the Car on Time

You must remember the time of returning the vehicle. If you return the car late than the scheduled or said time, you will be charged for extra days. Some car rental agencies also offer some half-an-hour grace period before charging either by the hour or a complete extra day. Moreover, some companies also charge you for returning the vehicle early so you should ensure these things from the agency before hiring a car.

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