4 solutions for a budget fairy wedding

Do you get married in the following months or years? Congratulations! Let's face it, not everyone has an unlimited budget for their wedding. How to organize a day that suits you and especially, which respects a small budget (and sometimes even very small)?

No trouble, it is possible. Here are 4 solutions for a cheap and successful wedding !


1. Make a list of your priorities

The first thing to do is to sit down and establish what is most important to you. Of course, there will be compromises to make, but this list will enlighten you on the elements you want to focus on. For example, a ceremony at such a specific place, having all your families present, having an open bar, etc. But also, this list will enlighten you on what does NOT really matter for your day.

2. Dare to rethink the formula

Of course a wedding, it can be a ceremony at the church followed by a sit-down dinner, then a reception in a room with a DJ. If that's what you want to do, there's a way to do it, even on a small budget! That said, know that this is not the only possible avenue.

3. Choose a place that steals the show

This is perhaps the most important advice: if the place is already beautiful, is full of details and has a great atmosphere, it will simplify you a lot.

Whether it is a rustic cottage, an industrial loft or even a little restaurant really "Pinterest", if you like a place, why not ask the owners if they would accept to host your wedding? Even if they have never done so, they might want to embark on the adventure and be more flexible on prices and conditions than a specialized room that offers packages already prepared.

4. Make the decorating elements yourself

Pinterest and YouTube will be your best friends here. It is possible and easy to make the decorative elements of your wedding yourself; again, trust yourself.

It will take time and patience, though. Sometimes you have to change the plans and rethink the projects a little. It's important not to be discouraged!

The best way not to exceed your budget is to stay with natural elements and to rely on the seasons. Autumn for example, for centerpieces, it could be small decorative gourds that cost almost nothing in the fall, leaves and chestnuts picked out, then large pumpkins placed everywhere in reminder of the theme. In the summer, big bunches of wildflowers in Mason jars. In the spring, tulips are really cheap. And in winter, even if there is less choice, it's still the season when orchids are half as expensive as the rest of the year.

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