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Would you believe that some people still haven’t seen or used a photo booth?  As a supplier to a whole host of events from weddings to retirements parties, I can tell you this is the case.  Only last weekend whilst working at a birthday house party, one of the guests asked me how the photo booth works and what do they need to do.

Photo booths have been around for a number of years now and, along with magic mirrors, have become part of the furniture at most functions.  Gone are the days of a photo booth being a ‘nice to have’, they are now on the ‘expected’ list. 

Why is this?  Well, there are several reasons……

1: They are great fun.  A photo booth is a great way to capture some funny memories.  With a wide variety of props available your guests can never tire of dressing up and snapping some great memories.  As the photo booth is enclosed it also gives some of your slightly more shy and retiring guests the opportunity to act as silly as they want.

2: They can be dressed to suit any occasion.  A red carpet and queue poles is just one method of dressing the booth to help give you and your guests the VIP treatment.  However, the biggest advantage with the booth is that there are literally hundreds of exterior skins that can be used; from camper vans, to champagne flutes, the booth can be dressed in a any number of ways.

3: Green screen technology.  A magic mirror is undoubtedly great fun, and the much newer product.  However, the one issue we do find is photo bombing.  Unless you use a backdrop you will also have a queue people behind you in your photos.  The photo booth doesn’t have this problem.  You can choose between having a plain curtain behind you or use a green screen.  You can travel the world without leaving the spot; dress up like a pirate whilst standing on The Great Wall. 

4: Memories that last forever.  With many packages including a guest book, you will have a copy of all the fantastic photos to keep forever.  Whether you are looking at the photos the next day, or on your fifth wedding anniversary, you’re guaranteed to have a laugh.  It’s also worth remembering that your guests keep a copy of their photos as well so they have a reminder of your day.

If you’re looking for Photo Booth Hire Surrey for your next event whether it’s a birthday party, engagement, wedding or anniversary, give us a ring at My Fun Photobooth or visit our website to book.

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