Love and Marriage in Modern Maryland

Life as a married couple with kids can become very hectic. We need a respite from our day to day grind but not everyone has the financial ability, or the time to take an extended vacation. Many couples seek a vacation destination that is close by simply for ease. We don't always have the time for a long vacation especially in the busy world where we work and live, but if you only have a weekend away and a short term babysitter for the kids, these ideas can surely put a new romantic spin on your marriage. It';s amazing what a 3 day road trip through Maryland can do for your love life.

Only a one hour drive away from Baltimore, the Chesapeake Beach Resort is perfect for city dwellers looking to escape into tranquility for a weekend. It's a cozy place for lovers to reconnect. Simply sitting on your oceanfront balcony is enough to unwind. Here we'll also explore some other ideas on accessories to bring and sexy things to try while you're on your weekend holiday.

First of all, romance is never complete without bringing along some essential oil, massage toys and lingerie. Get a room with a balcony and step out there at night and make love. Sure this can be a brazen idea, but in reality, you're protected by the darkness of night. No one will see you but its best to leave the noise vibrator at home and bring a quiet toy instead. She can have her dildo, but he'll need something fun too. Try one of the male sex sleeves for masturbation, available here. These sex toys for men are a simple, discreet jelly style tube that the partner can use to stroke his penis. Enjoying mutual masturbation is a sure fire way to spark the love life and it's a discreet option to bring with you. One of the best reasons to stay stateside is that you wont have customs agents snooping through your luggage. You can bring whatever sex toys you want!

One of the great ways to find a romantic beach destination is to search for place that offers wedding packages. You know it'll be tailor made for romance when you find a spot that caters to newlyweds. You can imagine it's your second honeymoon all over again!

Hit the road after your erotic night on the balcony and take a road trip through the 10 most romantic spots in Maryland. What I love most about Maryland is the nature. Sometimes when we think about as getaway, romance and nature don't always go hand in hand. We typically think of sex on the beach, masturbation on the balcony or a private fireplace in your private room rolling around on a bear skin rug. The wonderful thing about nature for romance is it gives you the chance to reconnect with nature. Sexual intercourse is natural so the nature and intimacy actually fit nicely together. Nature also helps us to relax so if you're feeling shy then you can let it all go.

Another great reason to try a weekend road trip for romance is you will leave your woes at home. If you're shy to walk around without clothes in front of your lover, leave the confines of your home and step into another place. A pretty Inn surrounded by nature is a great way to forget that you're shy. You can let it all out and not bring your emotional baggage wit you. Sex is better too because the setting is new. Romance is alive because you can order wine to your room an the kids are away at the babysitters so you'll have a night without interruption.

Maryland is a great place for romance, reconnecting with nature and trying new erotic activities with your lover in a setting that's close to home. If you'd like more information, check out this resource:

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