Bollywood movie story writing

Then, you should get down to the so-called process of building your story. In other words, you start working on your first draft. Do not worry if it takes you long to come up with a great idea or to develop the plot of your story. You do not necessarily have to do everything in one sitting. One of the most significant aspects in terms of Bollywood movie story writing is to have someone take a look at your story and give you an objective feedback. This way, you will know what strengths and weaknesses your writing has, as well as what you can do to improve the plot of your movie. Do not forget, that you will also need to allocate a lot of time on the editing process.

Speaking about Bollywood movie story writing tradition and the most prominent screenwriters, there are lots of great examples to take into account. The first one to mention is the film called Masaan.

The script was written by Varun Grover who is a stand-up comic.

The plot focuses of the environment of Varanasi and accurately portrays the scenes when the dead are burned on the banks of Ganga. What is particularly interesting about films like these is that there is huge difference between such movies and the traditional Bollywood story which most of us are accustomed to. That is the reason why so many people are unaware of great Indian films as they believe that the only thing Indian cinema can produce are blockbusters or very poorly written romantic comedies.

Taking everything into consideration, it is vital to mention that Bollywood movie story writing does not necessarily have to follow the beaten path and offer zero originality to the viewers. There are tons of great stories simply waiting to be told. These are the topics an aspiring Bollywood screenwriter should be focused on.

Taking everything into consideration, writing a screenplay for a Bollywood film does not necessarily mean that it has to be boring or predictable. There are tons of ways to come up with an unconventional story and help your movie stand out from the crowd.

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