Best Movies Alternatives To Consider

That time is long past us now, and the latest movies are now readily available on the Internet. Online streaming has now made physical media obsolete and there are quite a few of these sites available. You may know some like Netflix, GoMovies Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. But these require you to sign up and pay a monthly or yearly fee.

For that reason, a bunch of niche streaming services have come up that are completely free, and give you a ton of movies and TV shows to watch.

SolarMovie is one of these services. It is completely free and, unlike a lot of other streaming services that also provide free content, doesn’t come with ads. However, it seems that the website goes down every now and then.

If that happens when you want to watch your favourite TV show, you’re out of luck. Or are you? Here you will find some of the best alternatives to SolarMovie. We went through a ton of streaming sites to find the best and the smoothest and came up with this list.

CMovies is an impressive streaming site and boasts an interface that rivals other premium streaming sites. CMovies places the latest movies and TV shows up front, so that you don’t have to go searching for the movies yourself.

The interface is very much reminiscent of Amazon Prime Video, but the only downside to this website is the amount of ads.

The streaming experience itself is smooth and comes with a bunch of servers to choose from so that if one server goes down you still have others to depend upon. Unfortunately, the experience is again marred by ads. CMovies is available in many countries, so there are no restrictions on that front.

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