7 Best Websites to Download Free Ringtones

You could probably trace the history of ringtones all the way back to the early 1980s with the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x. It may be odd by today's standards and there may not have been any options, but it sure made noise.

But what we think of as a ringtone today is something more customizable. With the onslaught of smartphones on the market today, there's more and more reason to want to stand out.

You can't just be the Joe Schmoe with the factory default ringtone anymore. And if you want to find the best free ringtones available, we've got seven easy-to-use websites for you to try out here!

1. Zedge
Having started in 2003, Zedge is a ringtone website that does a little more than just give your phone some audible flair.

While they primarily provide customized ringtones and notification sounds, they also include wallpapers. This website offers most everything for free and allows you to give your smartphone a personal feel and sound.

One of the benefits of Zedge is that it allows users to upload their own ringtones and wallpapers. You can browse creators and uploaders whose content you enjoy the most and use their sound clips and images.

If you want, you can even join the community yourself, upload your own ringtones, and see if others enjoy and use your creations.

2. MyTinyPhone
MyTinyPhone is another option in the list of free ringtone websites that lets you browse specifically by category, which can be super useful. Unless you have a specific song in mind, you may not know exactly what you're looking for.

MyTinyPhone lets you search for Latin, jazz, hip-hop, etc. and browse at your leisure from there.
The website also includes other content, including mobile games, wallpapers, and more. You can also create and upload your own content through their online community.

Compared to Zedge, TinyPhone puts a little more effort into the community aspect, almost treating it like a social media platform.

3. Myxer
Myxer is one of the best ringtones websites around. They're very helpful in giving people the resources they need to customize their smartphone experience.

Through in-depth tutorials, informative blog posts, and a plethora of free ringtones to choose from, they're really a one-stop shop.

4. Mobile9
Mobile9 is similar to Zedge for ringtone download sites due to their modern and unique design and aesthetic.

The interface is very smooth and intuitive and you won't regret using it at all. The only thing to keep in mind, though, is that ringtones aren't exactly Mobile9's focus.

Mobile9 puts a little more emphasis on wallpapers, apps, games, music streaming, and more. There are lots of things to explore, but if you're only looking for free ringtones it may not have exactly what you want.

5. Tone7
Tone7 differentiates itself from the likes of Zedge and Mobile9 with its incredibly minimal and utilitarian look.

This is a no-frills ringtone website that lets you browse by genres or top downloaded songs and clips. There are wallpapers as well, but ringtones are the star of the show for this website.
Thankfully, everything on Tone7 is free as their content is supported by ads.

6. is another option that has a little bit of something for everyone, whether you're an Android or Apple user.

They offer everything from static images for wallpapers perfectly formatted for your specific phone or live wallpapers. Live wallpapers are images that move for your background. They tend to drain your battery faster, but some people don't mind considering the unique look they provide.
As far as free ringtones are concerned, though, Mob also allows users to upload their own creations which you can browse.

One way that makes things easier on you is that you can preview songs before you download them. They also provide QR codes that you can scan through your phone to make downloading ringtones that much quicker and seamless.

7. Ringtones Complete
This one actually a website, but a ringtone app. You can download Ringtones Complete on the Google Play Store and browse their offerings right from your smartphone.

Ringtones Complete is for the professional (or simple and classic) user who wants basic ringtones and notification sounds that don't stand out.

This isn't for the person who wants the latest pop song to blast off when they get an incoming call. This is for the person who wants to be a little more reserved and use something simple and sensible.

Browse from a myriad of beeping sounds to even old mobile phone ringtones from the 1980s.

About Creating Your Own Free Ringtones
These free ringtone websites are great when you want to just browse and download available songs and sounds. However, some people prefer to use their own music.

Maybe you have a favorite song that you simply can't find anywhere or a sound that you recorded yourself. A website like Audacity or an app like Timbre might be the answer you're looking for.

Audacity is a free, open-source tool that lets you edit and trim recordings down to the perfect ringtone length. The biggest drawback to this option is that you will have to create your ringtone on the website, download your creation, and then transfer to your smartphone.

There are a few too many steps that most people might normally try to avoid.

Timbre, on the other hand, is an Android app that lets you cut and mix .mp3's to your liking right on your phone. From there you can download your personalized ringtone and you don't have to worry about transferring files from a computer.

Personalize Your Mobile Experience
For over a decade now, the majority of consumers have had the joy of owning tiny computers that can fit in their pockets. Smartphones are an amazing resource for communication, information, entertainment, and more.

But as smartphones become more and more common and cheaper, people look for ways to personalize and customize their own. Free ringtones are a great way to give your phone a little flair and show off your own interests or personality.

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