5 Most Popular Lottery Games In New York City

Miracles happen to those who believe in them. And one of the thing that can turn your dream of becoming a millionaire overnight in a reality, is the Lottery Games. Lottery games in New York began in 1967 and ever since its reception, people are continuously playing the games, buying lottery tickets and living their dreams to the fullest.

In fact, some New York lottery results are so huge that you can't think of the winning amount in your dreams. So, if you are also looking forward to give your fate a try, here are the top most popular lottery games, you should try.

1. Lotto

Lotto is the most popular lottery game in New York played by thousands of individuals. It's usually drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A $ 1 play comprise 2 games. Six of 59 numbers are drawn followed by a bonus ball. In order to win the game, you will have to match three numbers whereas the other winners share bet prizes.

2. Win4

Win4 is also popular among the players which is played as Numbers but with four drawing machines. The minimum wage with numbers is 50 cents except for combination wagers. Play with your favorite 4 numbers, midday, evening or both. You can stand a chance to win up to $5, 000 for just Rs. $ 1. The game could be played only on the official gaming website.

3. Take 5

In 1992, Take 5 begun as a Friday-Only game and then gradually expanded to nightly in the Year 2000. Games are $1 each. Five numbers from 1 through 39 are drawn. If there is no 5-of-5, first prize will be rolled down. The parimutuel cash prize will be won by matching the numbers 5, 4, or 3 and the matching of 2 numbers will make you win a free take 5 play. The overall odds of winning are 1 in 9 referred to as the odds of winning cash.

4. Pick 10

Pick 10 is drawn nightly where the 20 numbers from 1 through 80 are drawn. Players have to choose 10 numbers while the game cost $1 each. If your destiny favors you, and you get o match 10 out of 20 numbers then you can stand a chance to win$500,000 cash while the top prize has$5,000,000 liability limit, isn't that too huge? Well, give it a try.

5. Numbers

Number (s) is also the most commonly played three digit draw game which is played twice a daily. From 0-9, three digits are drawn. The minimum wage here is 50 cents, except for the combination wagers.

So what are you waiting for? Want to give your luck a try, play any of these New York lottery games and turn your dreams into reality. Wish you a stroke of great luck....

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