5 Kinds Of Friends We Find While Playing Rummy

Rummy and friends are one of the liveliest combinations you can ever have. If the rummy game makes the environment interesting with its ease and challenges, playing with your circle of rummy friends adds unparalleled energy, fun and enjoyment to this scintillating atmosphere. When rummy is played along with friends, it is fun and frolic which are high on agenda.Rewards, cash prizes or even winning the game becomes unimportant.

However, there are certainly interesting things that you may have ignored while playing with your friends. Yes! There are certain kinds of friends in each and everycircle of rummy friends who make playing rummy truly refreshing and relaxing. Do you identify any of friends below? Take a look at some of the interesting kinds of friends we may come across while playing rummy.

1. The easy-going kind

These friends are the relaxed lot. They are in the group for the sole reason that they want to relax with friends. They love soaking in all the fun and drama without being unfazed by anything. They are also the least troublemakers in the group too. Just giving glimpses of the pranksters in them, they bind the group silently in their own style.

2. The live-wire kind

They are the real source of energy and excitement in the group. They fill the group with their pranks, antics and fun transforming playing with a circle of rummy friends a really cherishing moment. They add vigour to the group, drag the silent ones into the fun and fill the atmosphere with their laughter and smiles. Such friends make the group vibrant and buoyant.

3. The time-pass kind

They are in the group for the sole purpose of having a great time pass. They do not mind either it is by way of the circle of rummy or any other means of recreation. They are part of all the fun in the group. However, their contribution is limited to their participation alone. They do not proactively engage with others unlike the ‘live-wires’ do.

4. The not-so-serious kind

Perhaps they are in the group at the request of someone. These kinds of friends are not serious neither about online rummy or the idea about having fun with friends. They are usually dragged to the group by the others. At times, if they are unable to strike an interest with the group, they are most likely to walk off from the game too.

5. The serious kind

These friends are more interested in the game, its wins and rewards. Playing with friends takes the back seat. They are the ones who won’t stick with the group for long as their keen interest in the game and not the circle of rummy friends. Such friends feel rejuvenated only after winning a game of rummy or perhaps winning any rewards or cash prizes. These kinds go-ahead to actually become experts of the game.


The reason why you prefer to play with an online circle of rummy friends is that you enjoy a great camaraderie with each other and every time you play a sense of good feeling accompanies you irrespective of the result of the game.

Have you started your circle of rummy friends, yet?

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