What is Income School's Project 24?

Online entrepreneurs Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer have launched Income School’s Project 24. Ricky and Jim have experience creating niche and authority websites for profit. After their own success, they are now focused on helping others build sustainable and long-term online businesses through internet marketing.

If you’re hoping to build your online business and make money online, you’ll want to consider what Income School has to offer.

What is Income School?
Income School offers training courses for those looking to gain financial independence by making money online. They offer courses in areas such as email marketing, content marketing, blogging, search term optimization, and more.

While you do have to pay for their training courses, they also offer a free online blog. The blog goes over some basic tips on subjects such as earning passive income and choosing profitable niches.

What is Project 24?
Project 24 is one of Income School’s training programs. The program teaches you how to create a niche site and/or an authority site so that you can build an online business.

The course is easy to follow. If you’re looking to earn money through blogging or through building niche/authority sites, this is the course for you.

What does Project 24 offer?
Project 24 offers 123 lessons with 60 steps. The lessons teach you how to be an online entrepreneur, how to choose a niche, how to use WordPress, how to create great SEO content, how to drive traffic to your site, how to select affiliates, and more.

There is a fee to sign up. Your first year will cost 449USD, then there is a 199USD membership fee for all future years. You can opt to only pay for the first year, and then cancel your membership anytime after that.

Is the fee worth it?
Absolutely! After your purchase, you’ll gain access to vlogs, courses, podcasts, videos, and an online community.

Project 24 lays information out step-by-step in an easy to follow manner. The content you’ll receive is exclusive, plus you’ll be able to have access to teachers and other bloggers that will directly answer your questions.

Ricky and Jim regularly add new content and engage in the online forum. While you shouldn’t expect to receive individual mentorship from them, they will answer people’s questions on the forum throughout the week. The majority of their time is spent creating content for the community as a whole. If you’re looking for individualized mentorship, Ricky and Jim offer private coaching for an additional fee.

Who is Project 24 for?
Project 24 is aimed at those just beginning affiliate marketing, for those still learning how to make their online business profitable, and for more advanced marketers. There are resources for folks at every level,

If you’re a beginner, Project 24 will teach you how to buy a domain with the right web hosting service, build a website, and create text and video content using search engine optimization. If you have no clue on where to start, Project 24 is a great resource.

If you already have a website but are struggling, Project 24 allows you to turn your business around by implementing different techniques. You’ll also have an online forum where you can seek advice and strategies.

Even if you’re experienced, Project 24 allows you to gain access to new tips and tricks that you might not have tried before.

What content does the course go over?
There are thirteen modules, each of which are broken down into several additional main topics. For example, module one breaks down creating a successful website further by going over topics such as keyword research skills, how to promote your business on social media, how to create YouTube videos, how to set up Amazon Associates, and more.

Module One: 60 steps to a Successful Website
Module Two: Search Analysis
Module Three: Choosing Profitable Niches
Module Four: No-Nonsense SEO
Module Five: Web Traffic SnowBall
Module Six: Email Marketing 101
Module Seven: Myth-busting
Module Eight: How to Find and Train Writers
Module Nine: Professional Photography
Module Ten: Website Reviews
Module Eleven: How to Improve your Writing Skills and Speed
Module Twelve: Monetizing Your Website with Advertisements
Module Thirteen: The Success Mindset

I’m still unsure if this is for me.
That’s okay! Click here to go to Income School’s Project 24 site. This page provides a sample video right from the course, written reviews from current students, and vlog reviews. The resources on the website will allow you to decide if signing up for Project 24 is right for you.

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