Top Three Trends That Are Shaping the Future of HR

As the global economy and business scenarios are increasingly shifting, the HR landscape is facing several disruptions. The future of the HR profession is having a lot of disruptions now! The HR responsibilities are changing now as the landscape of business is ever-evolving.
Let’s see the top trends that are shaping the future of HR.

•    We will see more digital workplaces now. The workplace is no more a physical space that is occupied by employees. It has become truly digital and brimming with innovative offerings for professionals. The traditional approach is no longer working and it doesn’t even meet all the requirements of employees. The digital workplace would bring more changes in HR responsibilities now. To deal with their employees’ demands, the leading companies have already started working on the implementation of the newly developed working environment. The digital workspace is incorporating the technologies that the workforce can use on a daily basis. It can help a lot in fostering positive employee experience, efficiency, growth, and innovation. An effective implementation of a digital workplace strategy can transform the culture of work now. The digital workplace can address various issues by supporting the changes in working styles that would help the employee to work more efficiently while leveraging their social network. Other than that it will help in unifying the online and offline communications by keeping everyone connected through their mobile. Additionally, employee experience would be enhanced by providing more choices, flexibility, and an option to personalize. Implementing digital workspaces can have a positive impact on talent as well because innovative and progressive environment attract top talents! Did you know that 65% of employees would go for a lower paying role if they have the option to work away from the office space? Many organizations have seen that after installing social media tools, there’s at least 20% increase in employee satisfaction!

•    Building a workplace culture has gained a lot of attention after the #MeToo movement. Also, incidents like Well Fargo’s scandal, Uber’s sexual harassment case, or Google’s memo-gate are one of the reasons why workplace culture has become one of the most concerned aspects amongst business leaders. According to surveys, there is a wide range of various types of issues such as sexual harassment, abuse of the internet, intimidation by the supervisors, and fraud. The HR roles and responsibilities includes the implementation of the codes of conduct so that we can draw a line between these wide ranges of different behaviors. Employers are interested in tackling these kinds of issues before they even start.

•    HR technologies have been accelerated since 2017 as more and more developers are trying to put defined structure around the processes. It is important to have such technologies around that would deal with the recruitment procedures. It will only make the headhunter’s job easier than ever. Additionally, accelerated and automated technologies are making bold moves into the realm of HR and that involves pre-interview process, shortlisting, screening, onboarding, and orientation as well. Right now the market for HR technology is under dynamic change. This year we will be witnessing a lot of radical changes that would disrupt the landscape of HR.

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