How to Set Your Goals

Setting goals is one of the most important steps in the life of a human being. Having goals you have a life that you want to live up to. Goals can help you achieve your dreams in time. A person who has goals is like a person with a vision, and a person with a vision is a person who is alive. Lacking goals in your life can ruin you completely because you will not live like a human being rather you will live like a rock because even plans and animals seem to have goals. Goals give to purpose to live. They give a reason to wake because you have something to live up to.

Imagine if you wake up and you want to go somewhere, then you just hit the road. How far will go? You don’t know where you are going, you don’t why you are going there and you don’t even know how to get there. That is the same situation with a person who lacks goals in their lives. Life is a journey and we are all travelling towards our end. Unfortunately in life, the destination is the same. But before you reach there, why don’t you live. How can you set your goals? The following questions will help you set right goal?

Where do you want to in the few years?

Answering this question is the first step towards setting your goal. View yourself in a time far from today. You have started a business and maybe it is not doing so well, you feel like you are crashing and you want to lose hope. Do not focus on this current situation, where on where you want to see your business in say, 6 year. Simon Arias, a very successful insurance expert say “..When you look at where you will be five year from now, because of this sacrifice, it tends to keep thing in perspective”.

Are you able to achieve you goal?

Setting goals is the easy part, but ask yourself if your goal can be achieved. You not set goals based on what others have. Set the gauging your own ability. But set not too easy goals.

Is this goal real?

Proof check is your goal is reasonable enough. What influences you to set this goal and what strategy will you use to achieve it?

Setting goals helps you set your life on the track and you never lose direction, you stay focused and motivated.

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