Best inspirational lines and quotes

There are times we feel discouraged, lonely, sick, heavy-hearted and emotional. We cry, we call our friends for some sudden help, we get emotional and what not. But in every situation, there is a quote that will always inspire us and we always wanted to hear that from others. Here is a compilation of few such quotes that inspired me when everything else failed.

1. ‘The universe falls in love with a stubborn heart’- this line being in my top list is a life changer and it has changed many others, who are on the verge of giving up. The line is from Alchemist by Paulo Coelho having just moved million hearts and many great entrepreneurs have a liking towards this line that made them successful.

2. ‘Be kind and have courage’- the famous lines from the Fairy-tale Cinderella is another beautiful line that can bring you up when you have already hit the bottom. It is very deep and it compares two dissimilar things in a sentence. Kindness and courage are two important things for a human being. This fairy-tale is very close to my heart as this sentence itself.

3. ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’- this is another famous line that indirectly tells us that in every bad situation there is a blessing too. We may think that god failed in most situations, we do not know what we have escaped from. So every bad situation has a good outcome. Best line to think of when you are broken.

4. ‘This too shall pass’- the summary of the whole life we live is this quote! This too shall pass, every person, every relationship, every storm, every problem, will have to pass one day. Nothing is permanent in the world and everything ought to pass at the appointed time. People, who understand this, understand life!

So, be kind and have courage to face the world as the world will fall in love with a stubborn heart, also remember every cloud has a silver lining and that cloud too shall pass away!

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