3 Ways to Understand Panic: Which Makes Sense to You


A panic attack is a common symptom when we feel much pressurized, traumatized, and threatened by any situation. A panic attack has happened at least once in our life.

There are some symptoms when a panic attack happens to somebody. Lightheaded, severe heart pounding, chest pain, short breath, or trouble breathing, and others are the symptoms of panic attacks.

If you feel or experience such a situation to yourself or others around you, comfort the person as much as you can.

If you have never experienced a panic attack, you can call for professional medical help instead. However, some common symptoms of a panic attack are explained as follows.

In most cases, a panic attack feels like having a heart attack. Those who have cardiovascular issues or heart issues should not delay seeking medical help once they experience any symptoms of a panic attack. This can lead them to a complicated case.

→ The person will feel dizziness, heart palpitation, trouble breathing, nausea, sweating, and other initial problems if he/she experiences a panic attack.

→ Sooner, the person will have chest pain, abdominal pain or digestive issues, diarrhea, vomiting, shaking or trembling, shortness of breath, and such severe physical conditions.


→ By this time, the victim will feel like having a heart attack or feel like dying right this time. It is so much pain because you would not be able to breathe properly.

If these symptoms remain in you or others around you, know that the person has a panic attack.

When someone has a panic attack, it can be difficult to control the situation. Even the person cannot get control over him/herself. In that case, it is recommended to stay stable as much as possible.

Try to take deep breathes, relax your muscles, and make sure the surrounding environment remains the ‘easy-to-pass-air’ situation.

If any terrible or fearful condition causes a panic attack, try to face the fear by knowing you will be all right. Sometimes, the victim can also have anxiety for so long that it makes him/her experience panic attacks.

Family issues are one of a kind that leads a person or children to encounter many troublesome situations. Family discussion, bonding, and attention are required. You can take help from family counseling service experts, as well.

Moreover, these are the ways you can assume you have a panic attack.

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