How to use and clean iron pans after curing

To use the pan, we put it to heat in our heat source -are suitable for gas fire, electric, ceramic and induction- and add a little butter, oil or fat, and we have the iron pan ready for frying or Skip the food .
When finished, we thoroughly scrub the pan always by hand - they are not suitable for the dishwasher - and with a little paper moistened in oil, we give a layer on the inside surface to leave it lightly greased and avoid its possible oxidation.

In case of any food sticking or grabbing, which will happen more at the beginning when the curing of the pan is not yet complete because the more we use it, the better it will work and the more non-stick it will be made, it is convenient to remove it with hot water and scrub , but never leave the pan to soak , but rub with patience for a few minutes.

Once the surface is clean, grease it lightly with the kitchen paper soaked in oil and store it in a dry place.

My recommendation is that during the first five or six times you use them as a frying pan until the pan goes dark and is perfectly non-stick, at which point you can also use it as a griddle to brown the food and caramelize its surface.

As you can see, the work of curing this type of gietijzeren middelen pan is not complicated but it does have some entertainment. Once you put them to work, these pans are very grateful and every time they fry better and every time they clean themselves better. Now that you know how to do it, you just need to value it if you want to have one of these professional kitchen pans at home.

This is how the iron pans are cleaned

To ensure a good durability keep in mind the following.
• Do not ever let them soak in water.
• Try cleaning them without detergent.
• Do not put them in the dishwasher.
• Do not let them drain, dry them before storing.

Do you find it complicated? It is not, follow these instructions:
• To eliminate small remains after cooking "neutral foods", without odors and that have not been stuck, put it under the tap and pass a kitchen paper. Dry it well.

• To eliminate glued residues or to clean it after cooking fish, the best option is to heat fat salt. Heat the pan with the salt for several minutes, scrape with a spatula or wooden spoon and then rub vigorously with paper. Remove the remains under the tap and rub again with paper. Dry it before saving.

Use and maintenance advice
It is not advisable to use detergent. On the one hand, you would be destroying the coating that you have achieved with curing, and on the other, the pan would be left with soap residues that would be transferred to the food:

• With the intensive cleaning with salt, you will get to eliminate odors and glued remains, even so the idea is to use several iron pans and not mix food. One for fish, another for meat and another more versatile for eggs, tortilla, vegetables, sautéed, etc. Its price is very competitive, it pays to buy several and avoid cross-contamination.

• After cleaning, moisten a piece of paper with oil and spread both inside and out. This measure helps keep oxidation away.

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