• By Dan Morris

    Letter to the Editor

    Being a former County Commissioner of St. Mary’s County, I know what it means to have good representation in Annapolis. For years, Delegate Johnny Wood did a great job advocating for us in St. Mar...

    1 year ago
  • By Ret. Sgt. Mike Butler

    Elect Ted Belleavoine sheriff

    To the Editor: Years ago, I had the pleasure to meet gentleman who is very thoughtful, caring and selfless. He had a way about himself that made you feel like you were important and what you ha...

    1 year ago
  • By Malcolm L. Funn

    Vote YES on Question 1 Constitution Amendment

    Vote YES on Question 1 Constitution Amendment I am not an educator, nor a parent with a child in the Maryland public school system, nor am I a student. I am, however, a taxpayer who cares about the...

    1 year ago
  • By Samuel C.P. Baldwin, Jr.

    Support Brian Crosby

    St. Mary’s County, and Lexington Park in particular, is an economic success in large part as a result of the political guidance of Senator J. Frank Raley and his “new leadership” political ally De...

    1 year ago
  • By Susie Fowler

    Vote for Robbie Loker

    To the Editor: Voters in District 29 A have an opportunity to elect a true stateswoman as their Delegate on November 6th. Robbie Loker has a demonstrated talent for bringing people together to sol...

    1 year ago