Letter to the Editor By "Joe Wible Sr"

Joe Wible Sr
Mike Hewitt served on the first elected St. Mary's Co. School Board, and was there when the School Board did a good job. Many can see that the School Board of late has a lot of room for improvement. Mismanagement resulted in a $6 Million cost over run, and the School Board has not set the right priorities. It seems that the present Board wants more, more, more money without accountability and transparency. The County Commissioners must have some say on how the School Board spends the tax payers' money. As your Country Commissioner, Mike Hewitt would insist upon accountability and transparency and he would have the students and rank and file teachers as first priority, fair pay for the teachers. Where are the School Board's priorities? Mike Hewitt would insist that the Board of Education look for ways to cut overhead, consolidate programs and positions, eliminate low priority programs, and reduce highly paid administrators and assistants through attrition. And this latest "witch hunt" where the School Board is paying a lawyer $300 per hour to track down a nebulous personnel data leak is a blatant waste of money that could better be used to support the teachers in the class room. A vote for Mike Hewitt is a vote for a better St. Mary's County School System for all teachers, parents, students, and tax payers. Joe Wible Sr./Leonardtown