Letter to the Editor By "Preston Pratt Jr"

Preston Pratt Jr
For the Good of the State
For the good of the state... For the good of the state, I must insist that Governor Larry Hogan immediately resign. His time as Governor has suffocated our state with his blatant lies (taking credit for the largest tax refund in our history which was a decision that came down under the O’Malley administration); his abuse of executive power (school start date); his reckless spending (far outspending O’Malley with no game plan to pay for it); his outright manipulation and violation of campaign finance laws (funneling money from his numerous shell corporations into his campaign account, his use of Change Maryland, and his use of coordinated efforts of the GOP central committees to control funds and fundraising during session); his failure to honor the oath of office to protect our Constitutional Rights (supporting the Red Flag Bill and stripping us of Due Process); his direct connection with the Hogan Strong, LLC scam (his former campaign manager was Director of Public Affairs while listed as the LLC’s Registered Agent); his use of office to benefit his real estate business and to benefit his friends by questionable, unethical project awards); his failure to demonstrate leadership and take action regarding corruption in Baltimore City; and the list goes on. This is not a party issue. The news cycle has been flooded with story after story of political corruption across the state of MD, to include our state’s Anatomy Board and the University of MD. Story after story has documented the scandals, bribes, corruption of elected officials and the sudden resignation of department heads. As the leader of our state, it is Hogan’s responsibility to protect the People of our state from corruption and the abuse of power. From the state board of elections to professional licensing boards to our court system, the evidence clearly shows we have a wide-spread problem that our governor refuses to acknowledge and address. It is for these reasons, and more, that it is imperative for the good of our state and to re-establish the trust of the People that Governor Larry Hogan must resign the office of Governor. “The buck stops here,” is obviously a phrase unfamiliar to Hogan and we, the People, must insist that he live by it and do what is right for our state and its future. Thank you. Preston Pratt