Letter to the Editor By "Marilyn Crosby"

Marilyn Crosby
What’s Next? Correction Author Marilyn Crosby not Jim Shea, could not delete Thanks, Marilyn
For two years we have heard collusion, collusion, collusion. We hired Robert Mueller as Special Council to investigate if Russia had interfered in the 2016 election. Mueller concluded that neither Trump nor his campaign colluded or conspired with them. Game Two: While Trump was investigated for a crime he didn’t commit, did he obstruct the investigation that was being done for a crime he did not commit? Robert Mueller said that although he did not have evidence that rose to criminal obstruction, he still was not exonerated. That was paramount to a hung jury. The next stop is 1998. Before 1998 the report went to Congress as in Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Now, according to regulations it must now go to the Attorney General. William Barr, appointed by Trump, is our current Attorney General. The Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and Barr made the conclusion on obstruction as Mueller left it vague. They concluded no obstruction. The jury got cut loose. What is next? The Democratic House is wrestling with the problem of whether to impeach which means indict or charge. If you listen to the Democrat leaders, some say that Mueller left the bread crumbs that lead to impeachment. Many other Democrats say that to get rid of Trump, the Senate would have to try him, and the Democrats do not have a majority in the Senate and definitely do not have the two thirds necessary to convict. So even if some Republicans join the Democrats, it is more than likely they will not get to two thirds. Also, the American people might get upset with the business of the people not being taken care of. Another option is not to impeach, but to have all kinds of investigations to ruin Trump for the election. As impeachment might cause sympathy, so might countless investigations. On top of Trump’s taxes, they want to investigate all of his business enterprises. all of his family’s, and even Barron’s and Tiffany’s. This is an investigation looking for a crime. My advice, put the Mueller report in readable fashion so the average citizen can read and understand it. Make sure it is bipartisan, unlike the Democrat team that Muller picked to help him. Were there no Republicans who were smart enough? As I write, the Democrats have just given a subpoena to Trump’s former White House counsel. He was interviewed by Robert Mueller for thirty hours. and it was not found that Trump obstructed justice. Mueller was the Democrats’ hero. Still? Do they want to do the investigation over to work on hurting Trump’s reputation all the way to the election? And the beat goes on and on and on. And, the music is nauseating.