Letter to the Editor By "Preston Pratt Jr"

Preston Pratt Jr
A Letter to Maryland Republicans
Dear MD GOP, The Republican Party of my childhood is nothing more than a memory now and has little resemblance of the party we have today. Governor Hogan has managed to accomplish what the Democrat Party never could, and that is to get the Republicans to support anti-2A legislation that eliminates Due Process and places the citizens at great risk. I've watched over the last four years as Hogan has jumped on popular band wagons such as the removal of statues, the confederate flag controversy, the anti-Trump sentiment, and not only pushing for the Red Flag Bill but publicly stating he intends to seek further anti-gun legislation as he believes the Red Flag Bill didn't go far enough. This letter isn't about Hogan, however. Candidates like Republican Senator Steve Hershey backed out of the only public forum held in his district, effectively silencing his opponent's opportunity to plead her case to the voters and to offer a comparison of both candidates. Republican Senator Steve Waugh was unfairly attacked by Hogan and abandoned by his party. The accusations were ludicrous at best considering how far Hogan has gone to cater to the left and his talk of bipartisanship. Under Hogan's leadership, all of the hard work that has been done for more than a decade to grow and strengthen the party has been undone. Gone are the days of Republicans standing strong in the legislature to defend our Constitution as they did under the O'Malley administration. Certainly, our winning the governorship has come at a great cost for the party. I have had a member of the state party publicly tell me that one should vote for a bad bill in an election year if it will gain votes. I have also had a former Republican Congressional candidate publicly tell me that unless someone is coming to your house to take your guns, it's nothing more than hysteria and to not worry about the Red Flag Bill. I find it interesting that Democrats told us that during O'Malley's terms in office. It is my opinion, that the only way for the MD GOP to recover and to rebuild is the removal of its current leadership and to get behind true conservative Republicans who will not only live up to the ideals of the party, but defend our Constitution. The days of popular party narratives and soundbites are over. It is time for a real leader to step up. The current executive director of the party recently asked what Republicans would like to see from the party moving forward. If you have to ask, you're already out of touch. As happens every election, Ronald Reagan quotes get tossed around in an attempt to support popular narratives. Therefore, I will leave you with this quote from the Gipper: "To sit back hoping someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last, but eat you he will."