Letter to the Editor By "Kathleen Matthews"

Kathleen Matthews
Message from the Chair
To the Editor: As we prepare to spend precious time with our loved ones and family over Thanksgiving, I want to thank you and every one of our passionate Democratic supporters. This year, our party returned to its roots as a people-powered movement fighting to push Maryland forward in every corner of the state at every level on the ballot. We raised more money and ran our largest field program since 2010, with 25 offices across the state and 80 staff. Our goal was to return Democratic turnout to 2010 levels, and thanks to our dedicated army of volunteers and passionate campaign staff, we beat that goal with more than 1.2 million Democratic voters showing up—400,000 more than 4 years ago–and 56% turnout compared to 45% in 2014. Despite lingering disappointment that we did not elect Ben Jealous and Susie Turnbull, our incumbent governor had no coat tails. Maryland Republicans couldn’t stop our Blue Wave from surging through virtually all swing counties and swing districts. Republicans have spent the past year touting a bench of “rising stars” like Christian Miele, Allan Kittleman and Steve Schuh. Thanks to our energized Democratic supporters, all of them were defeated, leaving Republicans with a decimated bench. We built on our Democratic supermajority in the state legislature, and elected more Democratic leaders at the county level who are ready to move their regions forward. I am thankful that we have a new generation of bold, Democratic leaders who reflect the diversity of our great state, and who are ready to fight for the future of our children. And I’m thankful for the dedicated campaign staff and our passionate army of volunteers who helped build the movement to make it possible. As we look ahead into the 2019 Legislative Session, to the 2020 Presidential Election and beyond, let’s remember that the bridge to the future is built by the steel of our progressive Democratic values. Though the valley seems deep, and the distance long, I know that with every passing day, the future we are seeking to reach only gets closer. Let’s keep building—we will get there. Happy Thanksgiving!