Letter to the Editor By "Robert Boudreaux"

Robert Boudreaux
Abortion is destroying the Democrats
8605 Thomas Jefferson Way Gloucester, VA 23061 (3012) 643-0394 14 November 2018 Editor, Please print this letter in the letter section of the Bay Net. Abortion is destroying the Democrats The Democrats’ treatment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Cavanaugh negatively affected the 2018 election for Democrats. They didn’t hate him personally; they just love abortion and feared that he might help to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Their love of abortion and desire to keep it legal will eventually destroy them as they continue to lose voters. Abortions in the past have resulted in potential Democrat voters being missing. Between 1973 and 2002, there were approximately 42,000,000 abortions performed in the U. S. Approximately 13,500,000 black babies were aborted, assuring that they would not be born or potential Democrat voters in the 2020 elections. The remaining 28,500,000 abortions were performed on non-black women. There isn’t abortion data by political party, but since most Republicans are pro-life and most Democrats are pro-abortion, most of those abortions were probably performed on Democrat women, who are voluntarily murdering future potential Democrat voters. Also missing are the children that could have been born before 2002 if their parents hadn’t been aborted. If not aborted, someone born in 1973 would reach their child bearing age in 1988. They could have had children in the 14 years between 1988 and 2002 who would be eligible to vote in 2020. Today, abortion may no longer be illegal according to the U. S. government, but it is still the grievous sin of murder according to the Bible. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are religions based on the Bible (both Testaments for Christians, the Old Testament for the others). It assigns the penalty of “life for life” (Exodus 21:22-24) for anyone killing an unborn child. If those three religion groups were serious and followed the Bible, they would try to keep their pregnant women from becoming murderers and themselves from becoming accomplices to murder. They would also not vote for pro-abortion parties or candidates. In the future, the Supreme Court abortion decisions will help to destroy the Democrats. In January 1973, their decisions gave pregnant women the authority to continue their pregnancy and give birth or have an abortion and end the pregnancy. Therefore, with the exception of children born to women who didn’t have access to an abortion, everyone born in the U. S. after that date is the result of a pro-life decision by their mothers. They are the pro-life generation, who survived their time in the womb, thanks to their mothers, and despite the Supreme Court decisions and efforts of abortionists. Today, it is almost everyone under 45 years old; they make up 38 percent of the voters. In 2020 it will be almost everyone under 47 years old. If abortions continue as they are now, eventually almost everyone will belong to the pro-life generation and they will elect pro-life candidates, pass pro-life laws, approve pro-life judges, etc. The Democrats fanatical support of abortion will cause them to lose many more elections in the future. However, they intend to replace the missing voters with illegal immigrants, unless the Republicans stop them. I hope you weren’t so naive as to believe the Democrats care about anything except power. Robert Boudreaux