Letter to the Editor By "James K. Raley, Jr."

James K. Raley, Jr.
Tim Cameron for Sheriff
James K. Raley, Jr. Post Office Box 52 Avenue, Maryland 20609 (301) 769-3860 To the editor: During my twenty-one years of service with the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office, I had the opportunity to work with incumbent Sheriff Tim Cameron and his challenger Ted Belleavoine. I was Tim’s patrol supervisor in 1980 right after he graduated from the police academy. I was Ted’s shift commander after he became a deputy sheriff in 1989. Until my retirement from the agency, as the Assistant Sheriff, I observed and interacted professionally with both of these men as they performed their duties as deputies. Now they are both vying for the position of Sheriff. To be an excellent police administrator requires an eclectic set of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Tim Cameron is an excellent Sheriff. Tim’s formal education at Johns Hopkins University, combined with the numerous specialized law enforcement courses and seminars he has completed during his 38 years of service to St. Mary’s County, is impressive. He has used his knowledge to create and promote a culture in the Sheriff’s Office of community policing, citizen engagement, and respect for all people. Tim has demonstrated professionalism, dedication, and executive leadership during his 12 years of service as our Sheriff. He has shown tremendous perseverance and leadership in attacking the opioid crisis that grips our community, fostering cooperation between other law enforcement agencies in a coordinated effort to end this opioid emergency. Under Tim’s leadership, the county detention center has also become a rehabilitation center, offering inmates access to counselling for substance abuse, mental health issues, and life-skills training to reduce recidivism rates, which saves taxpayer dollars. He has built a highly effective law enforcement agency that is also proactive in preventing crime. The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval. Tim Cameron long ago embraced the philosophy of Sir Robert Peel, the father of modern policing, that “the police are the public and the public are the police.” Citizens can see this in the professionalism demonstrated every day by all of the members of the Sheriff’s Office. I ask the people of St. Mary’s County to reelect Sheriff Tim Cameron as our Sheriff so that Tim and the members of the agency can continue to serve and protect all of us. Captain James K. Raley, Jr. Assistant Sheriff (Retired)