Letter to the Editor By "Dan Morris"

Dan Morris
Letter to the Editor
Being a former County Commissioner of St. Mary’s County, I know what it means to have good representation in Annapolis. For years, Delegate Johnny Wood did a great job advocating for us in St. Mary’s and the last four years Delegate Matt Morgan has been doing the same. I had had the pleasure of knowing Matt and his family for the last decade. He cares about our community and he is a down to earth, smart fellow. As our State Delegate, he has always put the priorities of St. Mary’s County above partisanship and fights for solutions that benefit of our community. He has come through on his pledge to stand strong for our families and businesses to fight to lower taxes, cut red tape and reduce crime. Matt is well known in the community because for the last 4 years he has not forgotten the responsibility and trust that was placed in him by the voters of the district. He is always willing to meet with people personally, to hear their needs and take action on their behalf. I have heard of many times that Delegate Morgan has advocated for a constituent and was successful in helping them resolve their issue. Delegate Morgan runs his own business in St. Mary’s County, and yet, is never too busy to spend valuable time fulfilling his promise to his constituents. He is accessible, reliable and responsive to the needs of the county and the individuals living here. Matt Morgan has the character, leadership experience, and proven track-record needed in Annapolis. I strongly feel he is the most deserving of re-election, and he has my vote next week. He has earned it! Dan Morris Mechanicsville, MD