Online Trading Review: What is FxPro broker trading platform?

FxPro is a reputable forex broker founded in 2006. The forex broker has been racking up awards at an exponential rate. The forex broker has more than a million users and has become the top dog in the forex world.

Generally, for a broker having a large client base, it will easily attract prospecting customers. And above all, it will be easily trusted.

On the other hand, FxPro offers many advantages to the users; low prices, easy to use trading platform, and more. But the operation of this company lags because of its past – shady business practices.

If you want to consider, FxPro ratings, they can be determined by going through this review.
Let’s get started:

Types of FxPro Trading Accounts

Many top brokers having thousands of clients offer a bundle of accounts suitable to all traders. These are types of trading accounts present in FxPro broker.

1. Demo Account

A demo account is a great way to start trading with the FxPro broker platform. With the account, you can enjoy a realistic and simulated trading experience using virtual money. Therefore, it allows users to dip their toes to try trading without using real money.

If you want to try a new platform, the best way is to try its demo account. The account should provide you with virtual money. When using this account at FxPro, you will get about $500 to $100,000.

2. MT 4 Account

When you have this type of account, you can easily trade without commission. That’s why this trading platform is highly required. This type of account might be the best you can come across when starting to trade for the first time; it provides low prices and easy-to-use platforms.

3. MT 5 Account

This is a newer version of the MT 4 platform. The advantage is that it is a fast and feature-rich platform.

4. cTrader Account

This is a highly used type of account. Despite being a handy platform, you need to learn and practice.

5. Edge Account

The advantage of having an edge account is spread betting. However, the account is available only for UK traders. That’s because it’s a better account of the new company’s platform.

6. VIP Account

Getting an account with this world’s best trading platform is not hassle-free. However, unless FxPro likes you, you can’t get their VIP account. And you have to treat them by depositing over $50 000.

7. Joint Account

This type of account is for individuals who want to enjoy trading with other people. When you open the account, your funds can be managed by FxPro professional managers.

8. Islamic Account

For the traders who want to trade according to Shaira Law, this is the account to use. Swapping the account is free.

Is FxPro a Reputable Broker?

If you call this broker award-winning can be an understatement. That’s because FxPro has won more than 70 international awards in less than two decades. Among those awards, the company has over 10 for being the best broker of that year. 

With over 70 awards in 15 years, it means FxPro was grabbing 5 awards every year. That’s a great achievement, and only a few companies can get near that figure across the world. And FxPro Broker claiming itself as No. 1 across the world, it is worth it.

Being an ECN broker means that FxPro trades with an electronic communication network via a computer system outside the market. The reason to consider this system is that it provides the clients with direct access to participate in trading in the forex market. It means that there are times that this forex broker will offer the clients betters despite not being available for them.

Is FxPro Broker Regulated?

FxPro has no difference from other Cyprus-based brokers. CySec first regulated it at the beginning. After expanding to offer services across the world, it faced more robust regulated bodies. Today, it is regulated by FSCS, CySec, and FCA. That means its three tier-1 regulators are watching this brokerage firm.

Unfortunately, this brokerage firm has negative balance protection; your account should not go below zero. However, there is only one way to lose money; the money you trade with. There has not been another way the forex broker company can demand money from you because of bad trades. Many traders consider this broker as low risk but with an excellent reputation.

What Should You Trade?

Different entities in the FxPro platform will offer different instruments, and that’s because of regulatory restrictions. However, the trading instruments present might also differ from the country of a resident where you want to trade.

At this trading platform, you have a chance to trade numerous instruments, and they are over 250 instruments. If you would like to trade currency pairs, there are over 70 currency pairs. Therefore, making this platform among the best worldwide.

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