Millennials Having a Surprising Effect on Divorce Rates

Say what you will about Millennials and the way they approach their lives. One thing you have to say, is that they are approaching marriage and family in a different way than generations past. In fact, a recent Bloomberg report indicates that Americans under the age of 45 are getting divorced at much slower rates. How much slower? The report goes on to say that divorce rates, in the U.S., dropped 18 percent between 2008 and 2016.

There are many theories as to why this is the case, but one prevailing theory is that Millennials are waiting longer to marry than previous generations. They are growing more established in their careers and making important investments before the big day so that some of the common causes of divorce, namely financial disagreements, play smaller roles in the lives of these couples.

The Law Offices of Scott D. Rogoff, P.C. explains that another factor may be in play here as well thanks to the complex laws governing divorce proceedings today. It takes a lot of love, laughter, time, and attention to make a marriage great in a world filled with discord, strife, and distractions. No one likes to see a good marriage come to an end. While Millennials may not have found the key solution to end all divorces, they may be on to something by waiting a little longer to tie the knot so they can be confident they’ve made the right decision before walking down the aisle.

In all fairness, marriage rates have fallen over the last 10 years as well. However, the report cited in Bloomberg takes that into account so that the divorce rates used in the research only applies to women who were married.

Another theory to consider is that with people over the age of 60 and 70 continuing to file for divorces in the U.S., many Millennials are products of broken homes that have witnessed, first-hand, the stress and pain of divorce and do not want to put their children through the same experience.

While divorce rates are down, not everyone can manage to make their marriages work, no matter how hard they try. This news does present a glimmer of hope for those concerned about the mark Millennials will ultimately make on the world. It shows that despite claims to the otherwise they can commit to the things that are important to them, like their marriages.

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