Police officer rescues bald eagle on Christmas Eve

Lieutenant Jeff Wood with Noel the Eagle 

BRYANTOWN, Md. - Noel, the bald eagle has a lot to celebrate this new year thanks to the rescue efforts of a police officer. Lieutenant Jeff Wood of the Charles County Sheriff's Office was working Christmas Eve when he received a call for a hurt bald eagle lying on the side of Oaks Road in Bryantown. Luckily for the eagle, Wood had plenty of experience handling large birds. Not only is Wood a shift commander for the sheriff's office, but he is also a falconer, someone who handles and trains birds. 

With his falconer gear in hand, Wood responded to the call and carefully secured the eagle in his transport box. He took the eagle to the Owl Moon Raptor Center, a licensed bird rehab facility located in Boyds. Upon inspection, they learned that the eagle had a broken right wing but estimated that it would recover in a few months. 

The Charles County Sheriff's Office took to social media to share Lt. Wood's rescue story and suggested naming her "Noel" in reference to the holiday she was rescued on. 

Charles County Sheriff's Office Facebook Update

For more information on the Owl Moon Raptor Center, click here. 






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