Opinion - The Supremes vs. Maryland

Prince Frederick, MD - The most egregious case of gerrymandering in the nation will be heard by the United States Supreme Court. The case focuses on Maryland's 6th Congressional District.  The district was drawn with the intent to unseat Congressman Roscoe Bartlett.  It is largely believed that Bartlett lost his seat as a result of gerrymandering.

Maryland's 3rd Congressional District is so gerrymandered that a federal judge said it looks like a "broken-winged pterodactyl, lying prostate across the center of the state."

Lawyer Michael B. Kimberly wrote, "The fact that a gerrymander successfully changes the outcome of an election is strong evidence that the burden inflicted is real."

If you want confirmation of Gerrymandering in Maryland, take a look at this map.

Of Note: St. Mary's Technology Incubator

Governor Larry Hogan attended the ribbon cutting for the St. Mary's County Technology Incubator.  The incubator is located at St. Mary's County Regional Airport. The University of Maryland will manage the new facility, which is formally known as TechPort at the Airport.

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