Lighting up something other than a smoke

Hollywood, MD - If you refuse to quit smoking perhaps in 2018 you will resolve to at least stop smoking in your motor vehicle. Medical Doctor Naveed Saleh writes in Psychology Today that smoking pollutes your vehicle’s microenvironment. “Such nicotine pollution constitutes third-hand exposure,” Saleh stated, who explained the vehicle’s closed environment made the habit worse. The doctor also reveals that no matter how much you clean your vehicle’s interior, the smoke still sticks and ventilation has little or no effect. A chain-smoking driver—or passenger—also poses the possibility of ash and burn marks on the vehicle’s interior. Just try to sell that baby after you’ve done all that to it.

Besides, the nifty and convenient gadgets motorists can plug into their cigarette lighters gives you greater incentive to kick the habit. Instead of lighting smokes you can be listening to music or charging your phone or laptop.

Lifewire’s Jeremy Laukkonen cautions that while there are quite a few necessities that can get a charge once you plug them—with the proper adapter—into your vehicle’ cigarette lighter, it’s a good idea to find out the size of your cigarette lighter’s fuse. The aforementioned laptops and cell phones should be compatible, as should some DVD players, hand-held video game chargers and digital music players.

Laukkonen is not so impressed with heaters that plug into lighters with the driver’s intention to warm up the vehicle. “The truth is you would have just as much luck trying to warm your car up by yelling at it,” Laukkonen wrote, adding that the extremely low wattage may be good for only warming your hands but not the whole inside of your vehicle.

Motorists, Laukkonen advised, should avoid jump starters that plug into cigarette lighters. He stated nothing good will happen. “Even if the cigarette lighter fuse didn’t blow immediately the likely result would be something melting or catching on fire,” said Laukkonen.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a tire pressure monitor, Business Insider’s Cadie Thompson wrote that it was a very useful device to own and works great plugged into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. With the monitor are four sensors that can be attached to each tire.

The next time you’re shopping around for bargain prices on cigarettes, take a trip to the local auto parts and accessories store or variety store with an automotive section instead. You might find an ideal gadget to repurpose your lighter. Plug ‘em in if you got ‘em!

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