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California, MD— On Thursday Dec 14, the FCC is voting on a plan to end Net Neutrality. The outcome of this vote could entirely change not only our Internet browsing experience, but our methods of communication entirely.

Net Neutrality is what we all know today. It’s what our children know, our students, our friends—it’s how we have relished in the unlimited potential of the world wide web. Net Neutrality supports our freedom of speech. It allows us all access to open networks and online communication. Without Net Neutrality, certain web sites could be blocked from users, cable and phone companies could create “fast” and “slow” lanes based on payments, and you would be paying substantially more if you wanted to enjoy the same level of Internet that you currently use.

Ending Net Neutrality supports a classist lifestyle. It only further propels the rich, while those on the lower end of the socio-economic ladder suffer. Companies such as Google and Facebook were only able to reach the level of success that they did because of Net Neutrality. With the large cable and phone companies calling the shots on Internet freedom, local businesses will have a harder time being noticed online, and those that cannot afford higher priced packages won’t have the same Internet experiences that the privileged few will enjoy.

Net Neutrality affects every single one of us. It affects social media, streaming, research, online business. It affects all areas of the Internet, and in our increasingly technologically-dependent world, it therefore affects us all.

On December 7, people all across the nation gathered at Verizon stores to protest, calling on Congress to stop the FCC from killing Net Neutrality. The new chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, is a former top lawyer from Verizon, and the company itself spent millions on lobbying for the end of Net Neutrality.

If you support a fair, equal Internet, and want not only your kids, but everyone’s kids to have the same advantages, go to You can also use the hashtag #StoptheFCC on Twitter and tag members of the House and Senate.

If you want more information, click here to read a previous report on Net Neutrality published by

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