Add heat and elegance to your home this winter

Leonardtown, MD- With winter officially upon us, you might be thinking about upgrading your heating system to keep you toasty warm on those cold winter nights.

The Hearth & Home Shoppe of Southern Maryland can make sure your fireplace and chimney are safe and ready for use this winter. “We offer all types of chimney sweep services and masonry repairs,” explained Austin Tulin, owner. “There can be underlying issues and we run a camera down the chimney to see if there are cracks or repairs that need to be made.”

Tulin said there’s more to chimney safety than just fires. “Cracks in the masonry work could cause water to come into the home and that’s one of the big things we look for during inspections.”

A fireplace is often the first thing that catches your eye when you walk into a home. There are many options to bring the look you want into your living space. “There are gas, propane, wood and pellet inserts. Several inserts can produce a lot of heat and many people are switching over and using their fireplace to heat their entire home,” Tulin noted.

Natural gas is the most efficient way to heat your home but wood and pellet fireplaces are not far behind. “If you have access to free fire wood, then wood would be the most efficient,” Tulin said.

Pellet fireplaces are gaining traction in the area. Pellets are compressed saw dust that you can turn on and off and do not have to light like firewood. “We see many people switching from wood to pellet,” Tulin said.

Pellet fireplaces are also popular for families who hang their televisions above the fireplace. “Pellet appliances do not produce a lot of radiant energy. The pellet heat transfers to room air and then blows out into the room and doesn’t radiate up your chimney.”

The Hearth & Home Shoppe of Southern Maryland has a full showroom where you can see for yourself the different heating options for your home. “Fireplaces add value to your home. A typical full insert install for a wood or pellet fireplace will cost $4,000 -7,000. If you’re looking for a custom install and masonry work, it can cost more,” Tulin explained. While it is a big investment, you can also get a big return. “You can usually expect the value of your home to increase by the the cost of the fireplace plus 20-percent.”

Depending on the product you’re having installed, it can take four to six hours, or several days. “With wood or any inserts, we’ll drop a full stainless steel liner down your chimney to make sure we’re containing the combustibles.” Tulin explained gas appliances are more involved because of the gas line installations.

If you’re not in the market for a full fireplace upgrade, The Hearth & Home Shoppe of Southern Maryland also has a full line of grills, including Green Mountain pellet grills.

Tulin invites Southern Marylanders to stop by and see what the business has to offer, “We’re good, honest people, so come see us!”

The Hearth & Home Shoppe of Southern Maryland is located at 21899 Budd’s Creek Road in Leonardtown.

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