Top 10 worst holiday gifts

Hollywood, MD- I know how hard it is to find the perfect holiday gift, especially for those who can buy whatever they want, whenever they want (Yes, I’m talking about my parents and my in-laws). And while it’s hard to please everyone, there are definitely some bad gifts out there that you should steer clear of.

Here are my top ten worst gifts:

10. Candy/food- I really don’t need to add 20,000 more calories to my already 30,000 calorie intake during the holiday season.

9. Magazine/Newspaper subscriptions- If I wanted a subscription to something, I’d already have it. I don’t need more junk mail to add to my already cluttered kitchen counter.

8. Anything from an informerical- These items are usually cheap, fall apart and never do what they’re intended to do.

7. Self Help Books- If you’re trying to imply that I’m crazy, I already know that! If you really think I need help, maybe offer to babysit or help me juggle my already crazy schedule and then maybe I wouldn’t be losing my mind!

6. Pajama jeans- No, just no. Do these really look good on anyone?

5. The re-gifted gift- If you didn’t want it, chances are I don’t either!

4. Homemade Coupons- This is just a cheap way for someone to get out of spending the time, effort and money to buy a real gift.

3. Neckties- Come on now, you couldn’t think of anything better to buy for your dad or husband?

2. Socks/underwear- Yes, I’m guilty of buying these for my kids and husband as stocking stuffers, but let’s face it, no one wants those for a gift. (By the way, I already have these to stuff stockings with this year, oops!)

1. Chia Pet- Seriously? Do people actually buy these? How are they still on store shelves?

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Editor's note - Joy says send her money this Christmas.

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