Letter from the Editor –So long, 2016

Prince Frederick, MD - New Year’s Eve revelers will have many reasons to celebrate this weekend. It’s not just any year that’s ending. It’s 2016. Will it be remembered as the year of the worst presidential election ever? Will it forever be recalled for the exits of a large volume of celebrities? It was supposed to be the Year of Mercy yet it seems as if very little mercy was shown toward mankind. Even having such a nightmarish year last one extra day seems like punishment.

This would be a good time to pause for some perspective. In many ways, we now see what the new normal will be.

In subsequent elections we are likely to have too much information about all the candidates and everything they say and write will be available. Instant information is the byproduct of our changing technology. I firmly believe many presidential candidates of the past have had a streak of arrogance, brazenness, bad habits, pettiness and the tendency to be mendacious. We just weren’t aware of it until we read it in the newspapers or, in most cases, the history books. How things have changed! The ones vying in the 2016 race were likely the first to ever dominate our personal phones. The two major party candidates in 2016 are certainly unique individuals—“unique” not always being a good thing. They owe their notoriety, however, to advanced technology and modern methods of marketing.

As for all the celebrities who have died in 2016, I believe this might be the largest famous person purge since…hmmmm….maybe 2015? We have more entertainment venues, music and movie genres, television channels, spectator sports, heroes, villains etc. than ever before. Politics, military, and literature have been around for centuries, although those fields’ notables are now becoming obscure. Andy Warhol’s premonition that "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" has come true. Additionally, you would be surprised at how many famous people you thought were dead are still alive. How about we resolve to celebrate those folks in the coming new year? Before it's too late?

The world in general and the United States in particular now prepares for the changes 2017 will bring. Twenty days into January the always-unique transition of America’s leadership will take place. Perhaps there are changes pending for you personally, as well. I wish everyone only the best in 2017. Thank you for reading and have a Happy New Year!

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