Letter from the Editor –Falling on your sword

Hollywood, MD - There seems to be a prevailing opinion among many of the people who submit comments to that we make too many mistakes and, worse, we never apologize for them. I think those people, regardless of their motivation, might be on to something. I have been in the media business (radio, print and online) since I graduated from college in 1974. I must confess you become a little thin-skinned when you encounter people who gleefully inform you that you made a mistake and then seem to go into a happy dance once you concede that may be the case. It was truly the worst in the print media days since the mistakes would linger for several days before you could print a correction and/or clarification.

We are human and we understand errors are not good and should be acknowledged. And while we pledge to make fewer errors, we also pledge to be more transparent about their occurrence.

Recently, some information about a motor vehicle accident was mishandled—by me—and our initial report made a driver, who was not at-fault, appear to be the one who was at fault. When the error was brought to our attention, and the law enforcement agency that investigated the crash and provided us with the information moved at warp speed to correct the error. It’s not the first time a mistake like this has been made. We certainly intend to make sure it is the final time such an error occurs. As I immediately assured a concerned family member of the driver, this was a misunderstanding that embarrasses me. I speak for myself and I think I can speak for my coworkers that we would never intentionally mislead our readers. While there was certainly nothing libelous contained in the original report, it was erroneous. The error has been acknowledged and corrected and we hope to now move forward.

At the bottom of every bylined writer’s story at you will see an email address. I encourage everyone to take advantage of that and give us feedback. I know some people are reluctant to do that because then we know who you are and you would prefer to comment on our site using an alias. That’s fine since we want as many of our readers as possible to register and participate. It’s also a good way to receive information about any errors or omissions. I pledge that we will welcome all mindsets—those who want to point out errors, offer opinions, or serve up scathing criticism that might not go any farther than the sender and recipient; and anyone who would prefer to remain anonymous but noticed when they sound off.

Thank you for being our readers and Merry Christmas and good will to all who read!

The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of management.

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