Juveniles injured, flown, after crash in Calvert

Map of Calvert County's "2/4 split"
Sunderland, MD-- On December 1, 2016 at approximately 5:11 p.m. Calvert County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the area of Maryland Rt. 2 and Federal Oak Drive for the report of a serious crash. Once on scene deputies observed a 2000 Toyota mini -van and a 2013 Infiniti with severe damage as the result of a rear end type collision. 

The at fault mini-van was occupied by 4 females, 3 of which including the operator were juveniles. Two of the occupants of the minivan appeared to be uninjured and the remaining two were flown to trauma centers where they were evaluated and found to have non- life threatening injuries.  Two of the juveniles were not belted. One that was not belted was flown.

Gladys Sewell was operating a Sewell Funeral Home passenger vehicle when she was rear ended by the mini-van.  Sewell was waiting to make a left turn from northbound Rt. 2 into the Sunderland Park and Ride. Gladys Sewell was transported to Calvert Memorial Hospital where she was treated for her injuries. 

Due to the severity of this crash CCSO reconstruction team members were called to the scene to assist with the investigation. A possible cause of injury to the occupants of the mini-van is believed to have been from a spare tire that was not properly secured in the vehicle. The spare tire, just as an unoccupied passenger or other loose objects in a vehicle, became a projectile during the collision and is believed to have struck at least one of the occupants causing serious injury.

This investigation is continuing.  Anyone who may have witnessed this crash or has information that may assist with the investigation is encouraged to contact CCSO’s Cpl. Tom Phelps at 410-535-2800 or email

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