Holiday treat for your pets from reputable vets

By: Thalia Marquez

The holiday season is coming quickly. Individuals can feel the cold breeze of the wind. Individuals can also see holiday sales in malls that can be very enticing. Not to mention, numerous food items are also available for everyone to enjoy. Choosing the ideal food item can make holiday seasons more exciting. Of course, you can enjoy delicious and scrumptious meals with the whole family. With the best meal during holiday season, you can make it more special. However, in case that you have pets, you also need to give them amazing and delicious meals.

Surely, pet owners can purchase pet foods in pet shops and in pet clinics. These pet foods can provide the right minerals and vitamins pets need. But, there are times that your pets also want to try out your own meals. Pet owners can give their pets food items they eat. But, you need to look for food items that are safe for your pets. To help you know what food items are safe for your pets, listed below is a short list of food items from reputable vets.

Pumpkin - pumpkins are rich in vitamin A, which is essential in improving vision and immune system. Pumpkins also provide vitamin C and E. Vitamin C can improve cardiovascular health while vitamin E can help improve skin. With these benefits, individuals can improve their performance. As for pets, pumpkins provide pets 3 health benefits such as better digestive health, urinary health and weight loss.

Cranberries - Another food item that can benefits your pets is cranberries. Cranberries contain vitamin C, fiber and manganese. These vitamins and minerals can promote better cardiovascular system, immune system and even act as an anti-cancer agent in your pets.

Turkey - Turkey is another delicious treat for your pets. Meat is a delicious treat for pets. It also provides amazing benefits for pets. For one, turkey meats have selenium that is essential for dogs in order to reduce the chances of cancer. Zinc can also be obtained in turkey meat. Zinc can help improve skin health that is needed by pets to improve their health and protection. In addition, iron can also be obtained in turkey. Iron is important in order to help pets improve their performance.

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