Maryland Ups the Ante to Create Jobs in Maryland

Small and family-owned businesses are the heart and soul of our State and the key to how we're going to turn the corner from recession to recovery to prosperity. Strengthening our small business community will help us grow and strengthen our middle class, fuel innovation, and create jobs in Maryland.

That's why this week, we outlined an economic agenda designed to create jobs, expand access to credit for small businesses, and drive economic progress in Maryland. These initiatives complement our ten-point strategy to strengthen small business that we rolled out last month and they are an important part of the Small Business Task Force recommendations we received just today.

  • Streamline the loan approval process for small businesses and expand access to credit by strengthening loan guarantees already available to small businesses.
  • Create jobs by offering a $3,000 tax credit for every unemployed worker a company hires.
  • Introduce emergency legislation to address the rate increase small businesses are paying for the Unemployment Trust Fund.

I hear everyday from small business owners who are willing to expand their businesses, want to create more jobs, and are able to fuel that innovative spirit that drives economic progress. But they just can't gain access to credit like they used to. These initiatives are part of a broad strategy that will help strengthen small businesses, so we can come through this recession more quickly than other states.

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