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Capt. Jamie Danford's party with their catch last Friday 
The news is much better for rockfish trollers. Capt. Steve Davis and his dad, Capt. Eddie Davis, had great catches this week south and east of Smith Point off Tangier Island.  The big sea-run stripers are averaging 40 inches and better.

Captain Jamie Danford on the "Kelly D" landed six huge rockfish in the same area last Friday.  Other captains had as many as eight big fish for a day's trolling.   Adventurous captains have found pockets of fish in Maryland waters.

The fish are finicky and will bite only on the beginning of flood tide, and have to be sought out.  Early morning is when the bite happens; the afternoons are dead.  The fish seem to be high in the water column.  Smaller umbrella lure sets are working best.  Big spoons are producing.

The lures with the most strikes are closer to the boat than what we expect in the spring season.  Huge numbers of lures trolled with planers boards seem less productive than a smaller number thoughtfully presented.  Color combinations that the fish want vary daily, and trial and error is necessary.  If your are not constantly bringing in and letting out lines with different color combinations, you are not trying hard enough.  This fishing is challenging and may be best left to the experts.  Call a charter captain and let them do the work!

We had several good reports of big rockfish in the Potomac at buoys 7 and 9.  These fish have come in under the radar, and are available for most everyone who can find a calm day.

There are still plenty of perch in the Patuxent, but are biting only on moving water and seem to bite every other day. The rockfish up the Patuxent is very good on alternate days.  Breaking fish are the norm on the days they decide to feed.

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