St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office Warrants Served

11/11/21- Jamar Daron Moss, age 40 of Lexington Park- Escape 1st and 2nd Degree by Dep. Dixon# 380.

Jamar Daron Moss

11/12/21- Bobbi Lee Voegtli, age 36 of Prince Frederick- Theft by Dep. Jerew# 372.

Bobbi Lee Voegtli

11/12/21- Steven Joseph Boteler, age 41 of Baltimore- Violation of Probation/Assault 2nd Degree by Dep. Jerew# 372.

Steven Joseph Boteler

11/12/21- Harold Christopher Garner Jr., age 29 of Lusby- three counts-Violate Protective Order by Dep. Jerew# 372.

Harold Christopher Garner Jr.

11/12/21- David Michael Jenkins, age 24 of Lexington Park- 20 counts of Violate Protective Order, Telephone Misuse, and Harass: Course of Conduct by Dep. Wilhelmi# 365.

David Michael Jenkins

11/14/21- Bonnie Marie Blattenberger, age 55 of Prince Frederick- Driving Motor Vehicle on Revoked License by Dep. Haas# 367.

Bonnie Maire Blattenberger

11/15/21- Lee Kitwell Clark, age 35 of California- Assault 2nd Degree by DFC. Fenwick# 338.

Lee Kitwell Clark

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