How Bad Is COVID at SOMD Nursing Homes?

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SOMD --  Just how bad is the COVID problem at nursing homes in Southern Maryland? 

According to National Center For Assisted Living, "After seven weeks of declining cases in nursing homes through mid-September, nursing home cases began to increase as more than 35 states started to see rising level of COVID cases. New weekly cases in nursing homes grew by 44 percent nationwide between mid-September and the week of October 18."

As virus numbers surge across the state, the Maryland Department of Health issued new guidance for all nursing homes and assisted living facilities to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Staff at Maryland nursing home and assisted living facilities were asked to avoid large gatherings outside of work. 

Visitor Restrictions

The state reminded facilities that indoor visits with residents are not permitted if there's outbreak testing. Additionally, each facility can restrict visitation based on its own circumstances.

Visitors are also reminded to get tested before visiting loved ones and, of course, to stay home if they have symptoms of any illness.

Get The Numbers

The state offers an online tool that breaks down the number of reported cases by county and by each facility. Click on any county in the graph and the number of cases reported at facilities in that county appears at the top.


At the right, you'll see a breakdown of individual facilities in the county that currently have active cases of COVID-19. 



According to the numbers for the week of November 11, SOMD area COVID cases in nursing homes stand at:

  • Calvert County - 7 staff cases and 4 resident cases
  • Charles County - 46 staff cases and 32 resident cases
  • St. Mary's County - 26 staff cases and 26 resident cases

Anne Arundel and Prince George's report significantly higher numbers:

  • Anne Arundel County - 237 staff cases and 474 resident cases
  • Prince George's County - 391 staff cases and 580 resident cases 

You can check out the data yourself at this link:


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