ADVISORY: Charles County Road Closures Due to Flooding

There are several flooded roads throughout the county, please continue to utilize caution. If you approach a flooded area, please avoid driving through the water.


UPDATED: 9:08 A.M.

  • PINEWOOD DR in the area of Lucy Drive -Flooded Closed 11/12/2020 03:05
  • MIDDLETOWN RD in the area of Billingsley Road-Flooded Closed 11/12/2020 03:06
  • BUMPY OAK RD in the area of Indian Head Rail Trail -Flooded Closed 11/12/2020 03:43
  • TURKEY HILL RD in the area of Hunters Ridge Court and Dower Hill Farm Place -Flooded Closed 11/12/2020 04:31
  • BILLINGSLEY RD in the area of Maintenance Place - Flooded Closed 11/12/2020 06:54
  • FENWICK RD in the area of Blanchard Place -Flooded Closed 11/12/2020 08:09
  • MILL SWAMP RD in the area of Port Tobacco Road -Flooded Closed 11/12/2020 08:20
  • VALLEY RD in the area of Hawthorne Road- Trees down Partially Closed 11/12/2020 08:34
  • SPRINGHILL NEWTOWN RD in the area of Xavier Place -Flooded Closed 11/12/2020 08:52

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