Ken Hobar Sentenced to Jail in Stalking Case

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office would like to inform the public that Kenneth M. Hobar, the individual known to our community for Facebook impersonations, fake Facebook/social media profiles, antagonizing posts to local businesses, churches, and community organizations, etc. has been apprehended and is currently incarcerated.

Hobar, 67, of Lecanto, Florida was arrested on March 21 on an active warrant for a misdemeanor charge of Stalking - (willfully, maliciously, repeatedly follow, harass, cyber stalk another person.)

Hobar appeared in the Citrus County Fifth Judicial Circuit Court on November 13, 2019 where he was facing trial. Sheriff Evans was present in court to testify at the sentencing. Hobar was found guilty for the Stalking charge and was sentenced to 89 days in jail and one year probation following his incarceration.

A condition of Hobar’s probation is to have no contact with Sheriff Evans and not to post any more items on social media regarding the Sheriff. If the public should see any evidence of malicious posts for the next year, please contact the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office at (410) 535-2800.

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