St. Mary's County commissioner district 1 race comparison

(Left) I-Roy Alvey, (Middle) R-Eric Colvin (Right) D-Timothy Ridgell

Lexington Park, MD - With Tom Jarboe deciding not to run for reelection in St. Mary’s District 1, there is an open seat on the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) that three candidates are hoping to take. The candidates running are Eric Colvin (Republican), Timothy Ridgell (Democrat) and Roy Alvey (Independent).

Eric Colvin is a financial analyst at Webster Field who was born and raised in Leonardtown. After graduating from Leonardtown High School, Colvin attended Salisbury University, majoring in political science and history, with a minor in marketing. During his time at Salisbury, Colvin served as president of the College Republicans and vice president of the Honors Student Association. He also gave the commencement address at his graduation from Salisbury. After achieving a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from William and Mary, Colvin worked for several defense contractors before the career he has now.

Timothy Ridgell owns a small business in St. Mary’s with his wife of 39 years, Bonnie. Ridgell joined the Ridge Volunteer Fire Department in 1973 and served as President from 2010-2013. He has served on the Board of Directors for 12 years and many committees throughout his membership. In a message to, Ridgell wrote that he felt it is the time for him to run with Tom Jarboe stepping down.

Roy Alvey is a lifelong resident of St. Mary’s County who graduated from Chopticon High School in 1968. The Army veteran worked for Verizon for 38 years before retiring in 2009. Since then he has served on the Legislative Committee for CWA Union Local 2107, served on PTA committees, and been active in the community, coaching little league and participating in the Christmas in April project.

Alvey believes that, though we have a “diverse” and “great” economy, there are still “many challenges that need to be addressed and improved.” These challenges include, schools “being pushed to their limits,” issues with traffic and infrastructure, and a “growing population that is in need of affordable housing.” Alvey also believes that we need to “take care of” our citizens, children with special needs, seniors, youth, veterans, and homeless. He believes that we need to support First Responders and Law Enforcement. Ultimately he believes we need “strong, effective leaders willing to make the tough decisions.” On his Facebook page, Alvey states that he has “the time, the commitment and dedication and the ability to be your County Commissioner. I am a fiscal conservative willing to work with the other Commissioners to make the best decisions for the citizens of St. Mary's County.” See more about Roy Alvey on his Facebook page here.

Timothy Ridgell told that he believes “business ownership is a great preparation for a county commissioner. All candidates are saying they are fiscally conservative but owning a small family run business that pays taxes in St. Mary’s County, I have a real understanding of the impact that taxes have on our citizens, and I am a true fiscal conservative.” Ridgell went into what he sees as key areas of concern in the county, stating, “I believe our roads and highways need to be improved. Education is a great priority because if we can’t educate our children, we will never grow. The Sheriff’s Department needs our constant support in order to keep our citizens safe. Our length of service program for our First Responders, both fire and rescue, needs to be strengthened and supported. Our county airport is a tremendous asset that is underused. There is development occurring their now, I support it as well as future improvements that could create new jobs and further strengthen our tax base. Lexington Park is our largest population center. We need to provide new and improved infrastructure there, such as, open space, trails, and an athletics center for our young people. The northern end of the county needs a thorough, comprehensive review of land use regulations to ensure a conservative, controlled growth.” To find out more information on Timothy Ridgell, check out his Facebook page here.

Eric Colvin, the Republican candidate, outlines his critical positions on his website as, “Smart Growth and Strategic Planning,” “Protecting our Heritage,” and “Safeguarding our Future.” Colvin addresses how “inaction will only create more problems” about St. Mary’s County’s growth. He states that “we need to be smart about building the right infrastructure for this growth and we need to be strategic about planning for the future.” Colvin also believes that “we must continually push for diversification of our economy — local businesses must be encouraged and supported.” During the Oct. 2 Candidate Forum, Colvin elaborated on many issues in the county. On the subject of infrastructure, he stated that “everyone needs to be on the same page” and that it is imperative that the commissioners work with the delegation to fix the congestion on 235 and where 5 meets Great Mills Road. Colvin also stressed the need for affordable housing for entry-level professionals and teachers. The other thing Colvin touched on was closing the wealth gap in the county, using Lexington Park as an example. He emphasized that the economic plan and third building should help do that. Read more about Eric Colvin and his positions on his website here.

Election day for the 2018 Gubernatorial election is November 6, 2018. Please check the Maryland voter service website here to find your polling location.

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