Calvert family sues MGM over tragic electric accident

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Upper Marlboro, MD - A Calvert County couple has filed a civil lawsuit against several parties, including MGM National Harbor LLC in connection with an incident that occurred at National Harbor this past summer that left a 7-year-old girl brain damaged and unable to walk or talk. The suit filed Monday, Nov. 19 in Prince George’s County Circuit Court by Carlos Green and Rydricka Rosier of Prince Frederick names as defendants, in addition to MGM, the Whiting Turner Contracting Company, National Harbor Grand LLC and Rosendin Electric Inc.

The victim, Zynae Green, touched a handrail and the contact sent 120 volts of electricity through her body. Four others were also shocked. Zynae, who was 6 when the incident occurred, is now at a rehabilitation facility in Baltimore. Her family is seeking damages and other compensation.

Police in Prince George’s County have also confirmed there is an ongoing criminal investigation regarding the incident.

MGM Resorts said in a statement: "The incident at National Harbor was a tragic accident and we are all heartbroken that Zynae Green and her family continue to suffer. We are committed to continue working with the family’s representative to reach a resolution. In the meantime, we will respond to this lawsuit in the appropriate venue, which is in court. MGM Resorts hires licensed, reputable construction and inspection companies to perform work that meets or exceeds state and local building codes. The findings of faulty wiring contained in a report released by the county shows that the high standards that MGM Resorts expects of those contractors were not upheld, which is very disturbing and disappointing. We do not compromise safety when constructing our facilities."

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